Tribal warfare is intense in this country.  I wonder if it existed on this level prior to the invention of Twitter and Facebook?  I think it did exist on some level but these two companies have brought more of it to the forefront of our national experience. One of the things I have learned fromContinue reading “I GUESS I AM JUST NOT A PATRIOT”

Small Steps To Disaster – 2

The level of death and sickness we are experiencing can be explained very simply by the fact that the Trump Administration made decisions prior to the explosion of the virus all over the world that made it more likely for it to hit our shores with such fury. There is blame to be placed onContinue reading “Small Steps To Disaster – 2”

Small Steps To Disaster-1

Donald Trump came into office with the promise of basically gutting the government that has been operating in Washington DC and other locations for decades. “I alone can fix it” was a common refrain heard from the mouth of the man who won the hearts and minds of his conservative base. From the very startContinue reading “Small Steps To Disaster-1”