Small Steps To Disaster – 2

The level of death and sickness we are experiencing can be explained very simply by the fact that the Trump Administration made decisions prior to the explosion of the virus all over the world that made it more likely for it to hit our shores with such fury. There is blame to be placed on the Communist Government of China. There is no doubt about that. Time will reveal the extent of that blame.

Time will also reveal the extent of the blame for the seriousness of the attack on our shores that can be attributed by lack of timely actions and even prior actions that limited our “eyes and ears” on the spread of the virus in China. Here is one such action that has had a terrible influence on the seriousness of this pandemic.

The Trump Administration eliminated a medical position last July that quite possibly limited any alerts coming from China. The United States had an individual working in the Chinese Center for Disease Control. This persons job was to be a contact between Chinese public health experts and the United States. In July, the Administration defunded that position and the individual who would have been working with the Chinese was forced to come home. Basically, this action blinded our Administration to things that were going on in China. Chinese medical personnel concealed the presence of the virus for weeks leading to a delay in the worlds response. The Administration made the decision to cut the funding, but Congress backed the Administration decision.

Within the Administration, it has been said that the decision was made partly due to Trump’s trade war with China. The United States Government is a massive organization. Trump came into power with the promise to gut this organization. In fulfilling his promise to his supporters, decisions are often made without a clear understanding of the ramifications of their action. In this case, the decision made it more possible for the Chinese to hide the virus. One small position within our government was eliminated and we were flying blind. We could have known what was going on weeks or possibly months earlier. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the Administration would have acted responsibly had they known.

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