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If we can’t talk about it, why bring it up?

In the social media environment, it is difficult to distinguish opinion from legitimate fact. This blog is my attempt to present verified, legitimate fact so that discussions can be started from a truthful beginning. I have no use for conspiracy theories or the individual who spout them. Every attempt will be made to provide documentation where required and distinguish between a given fact and my response or opinion of where the facts lead us. At the very least, we should be able to talk about things in a rational way regardless of the political ideology we tend to identify with. If you would like to receive emails when new posts have been published click on the “Subscribe” button below.

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What has moved me from the ranks of being a registered Republican to being a registered Democrat was not so much that I agreed with all of the Democrat polices. It was that I found myself consistently disagreeing with the behaviors of Republican politicians.

Take A Deep Breath, Consider Sources

There have been conspiracy theories related to viruses for decades. One of the most ignorant theories was spread by that Nobel Laureate Virology & Epidemiologist Dr. Rush Limbaugh.